Our services will give you back time
allowing you to do the things that matter the most!


“Housework exists, whether we like it or not. Beds have to be made, floors mopped, kitchens cleaned and bathrooms scrubbed. Instead of spending your weekends slaving away, leave the cleaning and chores to the experts who love doing it!”

Support Work

Our staff have all of the required experience and qualifications necessary to allow you to achieve your goals comfortably by creating a plan that suits you.

Yard Maintenance

We can assist with any size job from rubbish runs, mowing for small yards to acreage, building repairs, pressure washing, we even clean swimming pools.

NDIS Cleaning

We offer a full in-home personalised cleaning service with your very own account manager who will tailor a package to suit your individual requirements.

Why choose Pink Ribbon Community Services?

If we have learned anything within the NDIS throughout 2019, it would be that gaining an NDIS plan for most people is very difficult and stressful, and then once it’s all been approved the excitement kicks in as you now have so many services that you can now utilize and then the 3rd stage is panic as everyone you call are either booked out, not yet registered for that particular service and or the contact details are wrong and if you are lucky enough to get someone on the phone that can help you then need to fit them into your already busy schedule which takes away from your personal time leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Because we have been on both ends of the stick as a participant and a provider we have decided to try and do things different by incorporating a one-stop-shop for most services meaning you have an account manager (free of charge) that you contact and they will manage your services that we offer which is usually in most cases with the one person who will assist you with cleaning, planning, shopping, appointments, cooking and any other support you may need, we can even organize a gardener for you too which results in only needing to remember one company to handle all of your domestic and community access services. We pride ourselves on keeping everything as simple as possible whilst ensuring that all of our participants are the center of our company after all the NDIS is all about YOU!

Police Clearance

Fully Trained Staff

Fully Insured

Competitive Rates

Registered Provider

Did you know that Bicarbonate soda can be used as a cleaner and a deodorizer?

1. Pour a few tablespoons of baking soda into a drain, and run the hot water tap for a few minutes. This will help dislodge, or at least deodorize anything causing a smell.

2. Sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda into your shoes if they’re becoming unbearable. This works almost as well as commercial odor removal products. Let them rest overnight, and then just empty them into the bin or sink in the morning. Just be careful with this method if you have sensitive skin, as the product could irritate your skin.

3. If your vacuum smells, you may be able to help the problem by simply sprinkling a little bicarbonate of soda onto the carpet before you use it.

4. You can neutralize bad smells from most household surfaces by making a solution of baking soda and scrubbing them down gently. This even works on carpets when they’ve been badly stained.